About me

My name is Franciszek (Frank) Malinka (Raspberry), I’m a young programmer interested in embedded, Linux kernel, my girlfriend, beer and coffee.

Me with the medal

I study Computer Science and Mathematics at the University of Wrocław, pursuing a BSc (graduating summer of 2022). My main interests at the moment are computer systems, learning Linux kernel, embedded programming, model theory (don’t confuse it with the finite model theory which has little connection with model theory).

I graduated XIVth High School in Wrocław, which is one of the best schools in Poland. I prepared and participated with success in the Polish Olympiad in Informatics, where I received the title of bronze laureate.

I’ve already done four internships, two at Ten Square Games, one at Huawei at Warsaw Research Center and one at Google. This year I got accepted for Linux Engineering role at JaneStreet! For detailed info on what I worked on in my resume down below.

My résumé


My email: franciszek dot malinka [you know what] gmail dot com
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/franciszek-malinka-ab17b51b6/