Why I’ve spent my Easter break customizing Neovim

Greeting screen

Alright, so you might think that there are better ways to spend your Easter break than sitting all of your evenings customizing Neovim with no prior knowledge. You’re probably right. Sceptics may also say that I’ve reproduced VSCode instead of simply using it. They are also probably right. Or are they? 🤔

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What is this blog about?

For some time I had this need to somehow share my thoughts with the outer world. I have a tendency to overwhelm people I talk with, so I decided to create this webpage. If you want to read some of my articles then I hope you may find something interesting or valuable. If you want to know more about me, then had to the Projects and About me pages.

I highly encourage you to leave your thoughts on my writing in the comments, they are accessible without registration.

Also, I’ve decided to run this page mainly in English, some posts may be in Polish though (which is my native language).

Have a great day 🙂

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