The code for most of my work is available on my GitHub page, I’m slowly moving to my personal git server though. Bear in mind that some of those were written a long time ago, so they may not represent my current abilities.

Rubik’s cube solver

This is one of the projects I’m the proudest of. I’ve created a Rubik’s cube solving machine on my summer vacation of 2018 (so I was 17 at the time). I think it’s pretty fast compared to other projects I’ve seen on YouTube, I did it all singlehandedly with no previous experience with circuits or Arduino development. The algorithm that finds the solution was written in C++, it works pretty fast and produces a rather short solution. It uses A* and a pruning table. You may see the code here.

There are plans to connect it with cameras to make it even more super-duper. I’ll post it when it’s ready.

University work

I collect stuff from my university lectures. In particular I think I have pretty decent notes to some of the courses I participated (e.g. Logic R or JFiZO). You can search through them on my git page.

During the course of my studies I’ve developed many small applications and programs such us:

  • Simple bash-like shell,
  • Routing Information Protocol (RIP) simulation,
  • Readonly EXT2 filesystem implementation,
  • Implementation of user space memory allocator (malloc) using splay-trees,
  • Traceroute (like the standard net-tools traceroute),
  • Many small programs in x86-64 assembly,
  • Racket-like language interpreter (written in racket :P),
  • Simple client-server implementation in C.

Unfortunately I shouldn’t make the code public for some of those projects because they’re recurring from one edition of a lecture to another.

WIP: DIY Nanoleaf

This project was motivated by my need to learn soldering. I didn’t finish it yet, but its almost done. I’ll probably post when its done. The strips are gonna be glued to the interior of the 3D-printed hexagons with opal plexi on top.

I cut the LED strip in segments and soldered the cables so I can reorder them as I please.

Smart heating system

Together with my flatmates, we’ve created a simple Home Assistant based system for managing the heating in the flat we rent. It’s nothing fancy, but we’ve put some work into it and we’re pretty satisfied with the result.

We assembled the thermostat on the breadboard, but I’ll solder a proper board soon. The code and description with more details are here.