Story of a bug

Debugging is of course a major part of programming. Arguably most of the time it’s not the most satisfying part of the job, it’s an unfortunate necessity rather than the goal itself. Moreover, I think that most of the bugs I make aren’t interesting (e.g. typos, wrong usage of a library function, nullptr dereferences, off-by-one errors etc.). But sometimes, on rare occasions, one can stumble upon a subtle and sophisticated bug. Resolving such a bug brings true catharsis, gives massive satisfaction and is the ultimate learning experience.

I want to share a story about a man who was staring at the screen with no clue of what was happening, but finished with the great joy of resolving a problem that improved my engineering skills and opened a new dimension of thinking about multithreaded programs. Okay, I know, I got a little bit carried away and perhaps exaggerated. However, I hope that you will feel at least a little impressed by the end of the article.

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Why I’ve spent my Easter break customizing Neovim

Greeting screen

Alright, so you might think that there are better ways to spend your Easter break than sitting all of your evenings customizing Neovim with no prior knowledge. You’re probably right. Sceptics may also say that I’ve reproduced VSCode instead of simply using it. They are also probably right. Or are they? ­čĄö

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Wyra┼╝enia regularne a algorytm Floyda-Warshalla

Kr├│tka notatka o fajnym po┼é─ůczeniu mi─Ödzy dwoma ┼Ťwiatami

Na jednych z pierwszych zaj─Ö─ç JFiZO zosta┼é przedstawiony konstruktywny dow├│d na r├│wnowa┼╝no┼Ť─ç si┼éy wyra┼╝e┼ä regularnych oraz deterministycznych automat├│w sko┼äczonych (DFA). Pokazanie, ┼╝e dla ka┼╝dego regexa istnieje r├│wnowa┼╝ny DFA jest proste, sprawa komplikuje si─Ö w drug─ů stron─Ö. Tak mi si─Ö przynajmniej na pocz─ůtku wydawa┼éo, ale im d┼éu┼╝ej o tym my┼Ťla┼éem, tym bardziej odczuwa┼éem wra┼╝enie, ┼╝e gdzie┼Ť ju┼╝ ten dow├│d widzia┼éem.

Tutaj mo┼╝na sobie zobaczy─ç moje notatki z JFiZO i nie tylko.

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